Radiator for Marine Caterpillar


we build radiator for CUMMINS PERKINS MITSUBISHI VOLVO-PENTA MTU MAN DEUTZ CAT MAN YC SC diesel generator and gas generator also the hydraulic engine radiator.we are good at copper core anti rust marine generator radiator,with strong technical support for a radiator customized. if you want a radiator,we make a plan for your engine. whatapp: +86 1306 8806 806


Radiator for Marine Caterpillar

GUANGZHOU NANHONG RADIATOR CO.LTD was founded in 1975. It’s a radiator company that specializes in our top-of-the-line industrial generator radiator. Our company was created by a government agency with 47 years of experience in the data center sector and 30 years of experience in the market. NANFANG RADIATOR MANUFACTURE was our previous name. We’ll continue to set ourselves apart through superior technology and customer service, as well as by investing in cutting-edge research and development to enhance our offerings. Our Top-class radiators include Radiator for marine Caterpillar and remote radiator for MTU.

Why Choose Our Remote Radiator?

DUe to our advanced and efficient radiator factory, we are one of China’s top radiator manufacturers, including our customized Radiator for marine Caterpillar and remote radiator for MTU. GUANGZHOU NANHONG RADIATOR CO.LTD gives its clients a number of important guarantees, including a complete two-year guarantee on all of our goods. We also include drawing papers with each order, in addition to our guarantees. For generators, engines, and transportation, OEM/ODM radiators are also available (planes, trains, and automobiles).

Qualities of Our Radiators

High Performing Fins

The intelligently designed fins for our remote radiator for MTU and Radiator for marine Caterpillar, deliver high heat transfer and low airside pressure drop.   

Standard & Custom Sizes

A variety of dimensions and flexibility are customized to our OEM. You just have to tell us your required parameters. 

High Safety Coefficient

We offer multiple safety measures with our radiators including our industrial generator radiator. So, contact us today to place your order. 


Additional information

Weight 196 kg
Dimensions 156 × 65 × 186 cm