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Radiator for CUMMINS generator enigne models : NT855-GA NTA855-G1 NTA855-G1A NTA855-G1B NTA855-G2 NTA855-G2A NTA855-G4 NTAA855-G7 NTAA855-G7A KTA19-G2 KTA19-G3 KTA19-G4 KTA19-G3A(new) KTAA19-G5 KTAA19-G6A KTAA19-G7 KTA19-G8(new) QSNT-G3 KTA38-G KT38-GA KTA38-G2 KTA38-G2A KTA38-G2B KTA38-G4 KTA38-G5 KTA38-G9 MTA11-G2 MTAA11-G3  QSK60G21 VTA28-G5 VTA28-G6 QSX15-G8 KTA50-G3 KTA50-G8 KTA50-GS8 KTA50-G9 QST30-G3 QST30-G4 QSK23-G1 QSK23-G2 QSK23-G3 QSK23-G4 QSK19-G2 QSK19-G3 QSK19-G4 QSK19-G5 QSK38-G5 QSM11-G2 QSM11-G3 LTA10-G2 LTA10-G3 QSK78-G9 QSK60-G4 QSK60-G8 PT13EG1 PTAA13EG3 PTAA780G3 PTAA13EG5 PTAA13EG7 PTAA780G5 PTAA15EG3 PTAA18EG3 PTAA1120G3 PTAA18EG5 PTAA22EG5 PTAA1340G5 PTAA22EG7 PTAA29EG5 PTAA1780G5 PTAA1780G7 PTAA29EG7 PTAA29EG9 PTAA37EG3 PTAA37EG5 QTA3240G5 QTA53EG5 QTA53EG7 QTA3240G7 QTA3240G9 QTA53EG9 QTA4320G3 QTA71EG3 QTA4320G5 QTA71EG5 QTA5400G1 QTA71EG7 QTA4320G7 QTA5400G3 QTA89EG3 QTA5400G5 QTA89EG5

Radiator for PERKINS power generator models : 1106A-70TG1 1106D-E70TAG2 1106A-70TAG2 1106A-70TAG2 1106D-E70TAG3 1106A-70TAG3 1106D-E70TAG4 1106A-70TAG3 1506A-E88TAG1 1506A-E88TAG2 1506A-E88TAG3 1506A-E88TAG4 1506A-E88TAG5 2206C-E13TAG2 2206C-E13TAG3 2506C-E15TAG1 2506C-E15TAG2 2806C-E18TAG1A 2806A-E18TAG2 4006-23TAG2A 4006-23TAG3A 4008TAG1A 4008TAG2A 4012-46TWG2A 4012-46TAG1A 4012-46TAG2A 4012-46TAG3A 4016TAG1A 4016TAG2A 4016-61TRG1 4016-61TRG2 4016-61TRG3

Radiator for generator engine MITSUBISHI : S6R2-PTA S6R-PTA S12R-PTA-C S12R-PTA S12H-PTA S6R-YZPTAW S16R-PTA2 S16R-PTA S12A2-Y2PTAW S12H-Y2PTAW-1 S12R-Y2PTAW-1 S16R-Y2PTAW-1 S16R-Y2PTAW2-1 S12R-PTAA2 S16R-PTAA2

Generator radiator for DEUTZ : WP6D132E201 WP6D132E200 WP6D152E200 WP6D158E201 BF6M1015-LA GA BF6M1015C-LA G1A BF6M1015C-LA G2A BF6M1015C-LA G3A BF6M1015C-LA G4 BF6M1015CP-LA G BF8M1015C-LA G1A BF8M1015C-LA G2 BF8M1015CP-LA G1A BF8M1015CP-LA G3 BF8M1015CP-LA G2 BF8M1015CP-LA G4 BF8M1015CP-LA G5 HC12V132ZL-LAG1A HC12V132ZL-LAG2A

Radiator for DOOSAN DAEWOO genset :DP086TA P086TI-1 P086TI DP086LA P126TI  P126TI-1 P126TI-11  P158LE P158LE-1 P158LE-11 DP158LC DP158LD P158LE-S DP180LA DP180LB P180LE P180LE-S P222LE P222LE-1 P222LE-S P222LE-11

Radiator for genset VOLVO PENTA model: TAD752GE TAD732GE TAD753GE TAD733GE TAD734GE TAD754GE TAD1341GE TAD1351GE TAD1342GE TAD1352GE TAD1354GE TAD1343GE TAD1344GE TAD1355GE TAD1345GE TAD1650GE TAD1651GE TAD1641GE TAD1642GE TWD1652GE TAD1643GE TWD1643GE TWD1653GE

Radiator for MTU genset: 6R1600G10F 6R1600G20F 8V1600G10F 8V1600G20F 10V1600G10F 10V1600G20F 12V1600G10F 12V1600G20F 12V2000G65 12V4000G23R 12V4000G23 12V4000G63 16V2000G25 16V2000G65 16V4000G23 16V4000G63 18V2000G65 18V2000G26F 20V4000G23 20V4000G63 20V4000G63L

Radiator for generator MAN models: D2866LE201 D2866LE203 D2876LE201 D2876LE203 D2848LE213 D2840LE201 D2840LE203 D2840LE213 D2842LE201 D2842LE203 D2842LE213 D2842LE223

Radiator for generator CAT(Caterpillar) models: 3208 3306 3406 3408 3412 3508 3512 3516 3508B 3512B 3516B C18 C32  3516-EHD 3516-BHD 3512BHD 3512B.

Frac pump radiator with hydraulic motors :Cmmins series KTA50C3000 QSK60B2000 and MTU series : 12V4000G23 12V4000GS8 16V4000G 16V4000G23 20V4000GS

Professional expert in build a generator radiator

radiator on a diesel generator is the part that transfers the heat from the engine coolant to the circular running water. When working well, this process keeps the engine from overheating,beside,it also need help of the air coolant the heating from turbo.we call that HT and LT .

Even some special configurat device need to put radiator far from the generator genset or distant roof of building.we assembling a plate heat exchanger for it .

Some area are near by sea,metal come into corrosion or rusted that make core of radiator liquid leaking, and short it life time,we can make it with a special method for anti-rust protected.

In one word: we are the professional radiator customied ODM manufacturer.we are working for engine body cooling and protect them working as longer as it should be .

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We received data sheets and engine drawings from all these world-famous companies because we assembled radiators for them. That ‘s why we get strong technical support and how we make products maturity

generator radiator manufacturer

Schematic diagram of vertical radiator

Schematic diagram of vertical radiator

Schematic diagram of generator remote cooling radiator

Remote cooling radiator
Guangzhou nanhong radiator

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